Monthly Archives: May 2012

Avacyn Restored Game Day

Date: Sunday, May 27th
Time: Noon
Cost: Free
Format: Standard

Join us for Avacyn Restored Game Day! Bring your Standard-legal constructed deck to participate in Game Day.

While supplies last all players will receive 1 x full art Latchkeeper. (You must play at least one round to receive this prize.) Top 8 receive 1 x full art Killing Wave. And top place gets a Champion Playmat they can use to make others say “So are you good at Magic?”

Latch SeekerKilling Wave

Avacyn Restored Champion Playmat

Games Workshop Annual Sale / Games Workshop Annual Price Increase

The good news: all Games Workshop items are 15% off until June 3rd – including orders placed by May 31st and paid for by June 16th.

The bad news: Games Workshop just announced their annual price increase. You can see the spreadsheet of increased prices online (I’m sure someone has leaked it.) or come in and look at it at the store.

I was hoping our June 9th swap meet would take place before the annual increase but it appears that will not happen. Get your orders in by Thursday, May 31st and you’ll get the old price plus 15% off. As usual, what’s on our wall stays marked at the price on their boxes. We only increase prices as we restock but those box sets especially will go quickly. Come and get them at 15% off!!! If you don’t see what you want then order it – order it now and pay for it by June 16th to get 15% off.

Magic Singles on Sale!

Magic Singles will be on sale at 10% off from Sunday, May 6th through Monday, May 7th.

We have a ton of old expensive lands and our cases are full of cards. Come and get them!