Monthly Archives: June 2012

Opening Late July 1st

The lock-in on June 30th means we close at 6 or 8am. We will reopen at noon on Sunday, July 1st. Stay up late and then sleep in!

Lock-In June 30th

Join us for a lock-in on June 30th! We use the term loosely – it just means we’ll be open to a stupidly early hour. The last few lock-ins have been very successful with the store full of all types of gaming, Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, Warmachine/Hordes, Magic (a draft starting at 1am), and lots of board and group games. Most people trickle out by 4am but if games are still going on we’ll stay open until at least 6am, maybe 8am. Some food will be provided by Game Vault. Bring something if you can – a snack to share or non-alcoholic drinks. 16+ Only – we will not be responsible for anyone’s children at those hours.

40K New Releases

Games Workshop has officially announced their new rulebook and other products for the end of this month and July. As always preorders are 10% off their listed price. Please get your preorders in now.

I would list all their new items with their prices but I’m not allowed to. To learn what’s coming out go to their website and figure it out…I’d link to their website but I don’t want to deal with a cease and desist letter or lawyers.

Normally we warn you if you’re buying a book that is just about to be updated. This time we did not have official warning until last week. If you bought a 40K rulebook here from May 1st to the present you will get 50% off the new book if you buy it by July 15th. (I am eating this price difference – GW is not participating in this deal – it’s because I like you.) You must either have a receipt from Game Vault or have bought it under your name here at the store. If you bought it under your account we can see your purchases and verify you made the purchase here. You must tell us you bought the book here in order to receive this special discount.

Swap Meet

It’s Swap Meet time again!

Date and time: June 9th 10:30am-4pm

Everything you trade must be legal (no drugs, weapons or children)
You MAY NOT trade cash. In lieu of cash come to the counter and get “funny money” to trade with someone. Funny money may be traded freely with other customers. When you’re finished with your trading turn in all funny money for 100% store credit.

Although we will hold this open through 4pm for those that want to linger and sell, you will likely stop finding sellers a little closer to 1pm. Come early and bring your stuff!!!