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New 40K Activity

Here is the link to the Facebook group.

Dan Crook has volunteered to set up all kinds of 40K goodness at the store.

To start with, he set up a 40K Facebook page.

Then he set up a league. The first meeting was Thursday, the 28th. The price will be a $25 buy in for the whole league. That day will be a practice 500 point game.The following Sunday Dan will put together a pairing for the next week. The next two weeks will be 500 point games. Then the next two weeks will be 750 point games. then to 1000. May the 16th will be the last day at 1500 points. After this game the prize for first place will be handed out, and maybe even some ribbons or something cool like that.

Dan will be here for the practice game and the final game.

I am also thinking that some Game Vault 40k league T shirts might be cool. If they pay an extra $5-10 they can get a shirt as well.

More information may follow here.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans

Get your preorders in, these are coming soon! These are out May 15th. Boosters are $11.99 (+ tax). A brick should be $100.72 (including tax). A case is $201.43 (including tax).

HeroClix No Man’s Land Month 5

No Man's LandDate and time: April 7th 12:30pm-4pm
Format: 500 pt DC Build from the last 3 DC Sets: Bat Man, Streets of Gotham & DC 10th Anniversary
Cost: $5.00
Prize support will come from the No Man’s Land OP Kit

Have your build ready to go when you get here. You may not win if you build your team after arriving.

Kids 12 and under play in their own tournament if there are 4 or more of them.

800 Point Constructed

HeroClix 800pt ConstructedDate and time: March 24th 12:30pm-4pm
Format: 800pts Golden Age – No Colossals, No Resource Dials
Cost: Free
Prize: Bragging rights

Another 40K Bonus

Our incentive last month worked and 40K players are showing! Let’s keep it up by making this a regular thing. Again for March we will reward you for playing 40K on Thursday nights. Play in 3 out of the 4 Thursdays this month between 5pm and midnight and get 30% off one box set of your choice. (Doesn’t even have to be 40K.) Please come to the counter to tell us you’re here to get credit for showing up. You must be here for at least two hours each Thursday to get credit for that night. Please note that showing up with a 40K book and not playing is the same as not showing up. In fact it’s worse, you’re taunting people who want a game. If you want credit for being there you have to be willing to play.

Swap Meet!

Join us this Saturday (03/16) for another amazing swap meet!

Everything you trade must be legal (no drugs, weapons or children)
You MAY NOT trade cash. In lieu of cash come to the counter and get “funny money” to trade with someone. Funny money may be traded freely with other customers. When you’re finished with your trading turn in all funny money for 100% store credit.

Although we will hold this open through 2pm for those that want to linger and sell, you will likely stop finding sellers a little closer to 12 or 1pm. Come early and bring your stuff!!! It doesn’t have to be gaming related – I’m not sure if you’ll find a buyer or not, but you can bring whatever legal stuff you like.

Wednesday, March 6th – Closed

Because of the snow we are closed today until you see a message here telling you we’re open.

We’re closed all day today. We’ll open up tomorrow at noon. Stay safe people.

X-Wing Tournament

We got wave 2 in this week! Join us on Saturday at 7pm for a tournament to celebrate:

Cost: $5.00

100 point squads – Bring on your Millennium Falcons and Slave 1s!!!!
Standard Tournament Rules

1st Place: 50% of all entry fees in store credit
2nd Place: 30% of all entry fees in store credit
3rd Place: 20% of all entry fees in store credit