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New 40K Events Posted!

Thanks to everyone who came out to help plan 40K events today. We ironed out tournaments and league details as well as an Apocalypse Game and Novice vs Veteran Teaching Tournament at the end of August.

Thanks go to Dan Crook, Tim Fischer, CJ Fontenot, Tom Liles, James McAffree, Eric Place, Brendan Roy & Russ Wrightson for offering a lot of experience and unique ideas.


40K League Starts Sunday, June 16th, Ends Saturday, August 17th with an Apocalypse Game celebration.

1750pt Tournament Saturday, July 6th.

1850pt Tournament Saturday, August 3rd (Try out your NOVA Open list before.)

Novice vs Veteran Teaching Tournament August 24th after the Swap Meet that same morning.

Click the links above for more details and discussion in our forums.

Magic Singles Sale

Sale on Magic singles! We bought over $4500 worth of cards in the last two weeks and just opened 3 boxes of Modern Masters. Our cases are overflowing to a ridiculous degree. All cards in our display cases are 10% off until next Friday. Buy a playset of any card originally marked at $10 and get 15% off.

(06/07/13 – 06/14/13)