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Labor Day weekend lock-in! Join us Saturday night into Sunday morning for a late, late night of gaming. We won’t close until 6am. Expect some games of Are You a Werewolf, board games, Magic, 40K, and whatever else you guys want to play.

Cost: Free
Date & Time: Saturday, August 31st midnight through Sunday, September 1st at 6am
Restrictions: Must be over 16 and have a ride home. When we close we will not wait for your ride and we’re not leaving anyone under 18 out front.

Swap Meet Saturday 08/24 10am-2pm

Join us Saturday for another amazing swap meet. I’m sure people will be busting down our doors at 10am. I make no guarantees for how long it will last but expect some excellent deals as long as it does. As usual, nothing illegal and no money can change hands. If you must buy something from someone please come to the counter for funny money/gift certificates. At the end of your sales bring all funny money to the counter for store credit. As usual, be fair and play nice. Thanks in advance for making these so successful.

Happy Birthday to Me…Happy Birthday to Me

Game Vault is 7 years old today! Thanks for being such loyal customers.
Sale prices on just about everything

  • Board Games are 25% off
  • Select Reaper Minis at blowout prices – take an additional 15% off these
  • Magic singles 15% off – we’ve bought over $10,000 in Magic singles in the last month come help us get rid of them
  • Old GW paints (from the old rack) are $1.50/pot
  • Sale Table with games we don’t carry any more, things I’ve overstocked, and more are priced as marked with no additional discount. It includes:
    • Select board games 50+% off
    • Select Flames of War box sets at 25% off
    • Dystopian Wars 25% off
    • Uncharted Seas 30% off
    • Firestorm Armada 30% off
    • MERCS 25% off
    • Red Box Minis 25% off
    • Freebooter Minis 25% off
    • Puppet Wars 25% off
    • Malifaux 25% off
    • SpinSpur Minis 25% off
    • Alkemy 25% off
  • Tournament Fees, Drinks, Sodas, Game Rentals & Consignment Items are not discounted at all
  • All other items are 15% off

This sale will end September 1st.

Innistrad Draft @ 1pm

Date & Time: Sunday 08/18/13 1pm
Cost: $15
Prize Support (8 player minimum):
1st Place – 6 packs Innistrad
2nd Place – 4 packs Innistrad
3rd Place – 2 packs Innistrad

Convergence Release Event

Get your lists ready for GenCon!

50pt Steamroller
Details can be found here:
Cost: $10

Prize Support:
1st Place: 35% of all entry fees as store credit + Convergence Release Medal
2nd Place: 20% of all entry fees as store credit + Convergence Release Medal
3rd Place: 10% of all entry fees as store credit + Convergence Release Medal
Last Place: Dice
(The rest of the money will go towards money for time clocks.)