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Born of the Gods M:tG Prerelease

Born of the Gods

We have Magic: the Gathering sealed prerelease tournaments for the first 2014 set Born of the Gods on Saturday February 1st and Sunday February 2nd both starting at noon and 5pm on their respective day. Yes, that’s two tournaments on each day for a total of four prerelease tournaments.

For sign ups:

Saturday, February 1st @ Noon

Saturday, February 1st @ 5pm

Sunday, February 2nd @ Noon

Sunday, February 2nd @ 5pm

Closing Early Tuesday 01/21

I’m going to pull a Virginia schools move and close the store at 5pm on Tuesday, 01/21. I’d rather not risk my employees or customers driving in several inches of snow. Be safe.

New Tyranids on Sale at 6pm Friday!!!

A change in Games Workshop policy means I can sell the new Tyranid merchandise at 6pm!!! (That is Eastern Standard Time, no weaseling about the time zones.) We’ll see you at 6.